5 Tips to Up Your Marketing Game

You’re a financial planning expert. Marketing might not be your thing. But here are some relatively easy goals you could potentially achieve before 2019 is over.

1.) Get out in your community.

Among the top marketing tips on Business.com is to get involved in the community. Donate prizes to local competitions and contests. Connect with people. Attend local events, volunteer, network, and create awareness about your business.

“Participating with community members this way can help you make stronger connections that you otherwise wouldn’t have through the normal business events,” Ally Scott writes in the Pulse Marketing Agency article, “Why Community Involvement Is Good for Your Brand.”

Then, when somebody needs a financial planner, they’ll remember that one planner (you) they met at that one event, or who donated that prize for that one local contest or silent auction.

Another way to get involved in your community is to serve on community boards. Gloria Zamora and M.L. Hanson (of the Colorado-based Boardbound by Women’s Leadership Foundation) noted in a recent FPA Latino Knowledge Circle call that non-profit and corporate boards alike are always looking for professionals with financial expertise to serve. Catch a replay of their call here.

2.) Hire a good writer.

The buzz around content marketing and personalized content for email campaigns has been growing for years now. But you hate writing. Or maybe you love writing but you have no time. Investing in a freelance writer to interview you on key topics and write your blog posts and email copy might be helpful, said Robert Sofia in the Financial Planning article, “How Advisors Can Up Their Digital Game.”

3.) Keep it consistent.

Whether you hire a writer or write it yourself, make sure if you are producing content, you are consistent with posting it. In the Forbes article, “Why Content Consistency Is Key to Your Marketing Strategy,” Jon Simpson writes it’s crucial to adhere to a schedule to build credibility and better customer experience. You might remember author Claudio Pannunzio noted in a recent blog post that an excellent client experience is better than any other marketing tactic.

4.) Talk to the media or write for professional publications.

If you see a financial planner being quoted in the news—and they happen to be an FPA member—chances are they’ve gone through FPA’s media training. (Virtual media training comes with your FPA membership. Not a member? Become one today.) After going through the training, members receive inquiries from the press and respond to the ones they want to answer.

Dennis Nolte, CFP® professional, told TheStreet.com that talking to media outlets was one of his methods for marketing on a budget.

Another way to market yourself is to establish yourself as a leader by writing for the profession’s trade and professional publications. Go to their websites, find their writing guidelines and pitch and write relevant content. If you want to learn more about how to write for this blog, or the Journal of Financial Planning, join me this Thursday at 2 p.m. EDT for an FPA Latino Knowledge Circle call on that topic. Journal Editor Carly Schulaka will also be on the call to answer any questions you might have. (Also, in case you missed it, you can now register for Knowledge Circle calls).

5.) Get help. If you have no clue what you’re doing, get help. In the July issue of the Journal,columnist Evan T. Beach writes about how there is no silver bullet to marketing success. Hire somebody who is an expert in marketing of all types—whether it’s a full-time staffer or a marketing firm. There is no shortage of financial planning marketers out there.

Ana Trujillo Limón is senior editor of the Journal of Financial Planning and the editor of the FPA Practice Management Blog. Email her at [email protected], or connect with her on LinkedIn. 

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